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Seeing is believing

Seeing is believing

7 January 2017
Seeing can give so much pleasure, yet we take the gift of sight and so many things we see for granted.

Stop — and look around where you are right now. What do you see?

You can probably see: colours, shapes, movement; maybe, some things of particular beauty, and some things not so appealing. Everyday objects which we take for granted, and which have an inherent beauty in their design or form; patterned clothes, wall pictures, photographs standing on the top of cupboards or small tables and so on.

Then, if you look out of the window into your garden (if you have one), or onto your balcony, what do you see there? Parts of nature in all of its glory—some of the world’s largest plants (trees) blowing in the wind; colourful, delicate flowers searching for the sun or an insect to pollinate them; possibly a butterfly or two, or a bird or three!

Like so many things in this hectic world, often most people simply don’t pause for thought or reflection; they don’t pause to appreciate or absorb what they are actually seeing.

Yet, seeing objects or things which are pleasing to the eye can give us untold pleasure. Looking at things which appeal can be therapeutic and help alleviate the stresses and strains of the day—maybe give you a lift when you are at a relatively low ebb.

So, when you next have a few minutes to think, reflect, maybe sitting down with your cup of coffee or tea, relax in your chair and gaze around you; or stand up and wander to the window, or meander around your home.

Look for things which make you happy; things which give you a warm feeling and/or, possibly, bring back pleasant memories. In fact, you can do this anywhere—maybe when walking outside to the supermarket, or strolling to work (even in the office or your workplace!).

Look at some of the people you know who are close to you, your immediate family perhaps. When did you last look at your daughter/son/mother and think, “Hmm…, she/he is beautiful/handsome/there for me…”?

When did you last think that, even though you may be having a bad time with various issues: “I still have my family and personal possessions”? “I can still see them. I can still look at them and appreciate what I see.”

Take a look around and enjoy what you see; after all, seeing is believing





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