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22 February 2016

Summer to Autumn. Autumn to Winter… to Spring and Summer, again.

The evolution of our lives follows the four Seasons.

And just as the Seasons continue in a never ending cycle of hot, cool, cold, warm and hot weather, sometimes our lives evolve into a pattern of good times, bad times and not so good/bad times.

And just as each Season brings with it variations not only in temperature but in the type of weather we experience, our moods and outlook on life can be changeable. We can reach the highest pinnacles, we can descend into troughs.

We can have summer sunshine on bright, endless dry days; the heat evaporating the moisture from the air, drying out the land. And, even though the days are occasionally interspersed with times of light, refreshing rain, the sky is mainly clear, with only some white clouds dancing across the flawless blue canvas.

We can have cool autumn days with the chill of the impending winter evident; perpetually falling russet leaves stockpiling in the corners of our streets and roads. Feelings of nostalgia for the long summer days just gone; feelings of expectation as we begin to adapt to the changing landscape.

Chilly winter days with the wind whispering through the gables of our home, bringing more frequent rain to nourish and rejuvenate the previously dry earth. And, depending on where we live, maybe a brilliant white snow shower or two; leaving just a sprinkling of fine white powder or maybe even blanketing the landscape as far as the eye can see.

Until the first few signs of a new spring are evident; initial blooming of small flowers which have been in winter hibernation; sounds and sights of small mammals reactivating their lives; the relatively pale spring sunshine starting to warm all the surfaces it can touch. 

And we meander in to summer days once again.

Whilst the cycles of our lives continue, more and more we hanker for the halcyon days gone by. We seem to cherish past events with greater verve as our memories dim about what the event or landmark happening in question was really like or about. We find ourselves rejoicing in past events, or forever dwelling on things which, in no circumstances, can be changed or altered, as they havealready happened—whilst we are not always focussing fully on the future, or the present moment! 

Just like the passing of the Seasons, it’s necessary to sometimes let the past go and look to the next spring or summer (if that’s the season(s) which brings one most pleasure). 

Otherwise life will have passed by and there’ll be no time to enjoy the precious short time we have here on earth!






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