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Pregnant or lactating? No problem!

Male Escort Melbourne – 9 May 2021


Pregnant or lactating? No problem!

I often see women of all different ages, life circumstances, and in different times of this wonderful journey we call life.

And one of those times is pregnancy.

Pregnancy can be an enjoyable time of life – Sure maybe some don’t enjoy it as much as others – that should be enjoyed as much as you can. I always think we should find the positive in everything, and make the most of every moment.

A lot of women have no desire to have children. I always think that everyone should live their lives how they want to. To not let others, or other’s expectations, influence you into doing something you don’t want to. And if you don’t want kids, then that’s your decision to make.

I have over the years seen a few clients who have been pregnant at the time, and I think this part of life should be enjoyed, and celebrated.

You may be single and decided to have a child by yourself. Or you may have been in a relationship, and then unfortunately as soon as you became pregnant, your partner left you. It’s actually so disappointing to hear how often this happens. 

Everyone has a different story.

And some women have partners who find them sexually unattractive while they are pregnant. Which is disgusting for someone to say (or they may not say it, but you just know what they’re thinking from their actions). How could they be in a relationship, and love someone, and then get them pregnant and no longer be attracted to them?

If you’ve been made to feel unattractive, well guess what – You are attractive. Being pregnant is a part of life for a lot of women, and it is a sexy part of life.

And lactating? Lactation is sexy!  

I’ve heard some women say that when they were lactating, their partner didn’t want to have sex, or wanted to make sure not to get milk anywhere. Where’s the fun in that? 

Don’t let anyone tell you that anything about you or your body is not sexy or attractive. 

Whatever stage of life you are at, embrace it. Embrace where you are at now, and embrace your body.

You deserve to feel special!

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