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My three-monthly health check – All clear

Male Escort Melbourne – January 22 2024



Yep, it’s that time of the year again.. every three months  I have a complete sexual health screening, for your health and mine, and so you know that you are safe with me.



It’s so easy to get an STI screening these days, you don’t even have to see a doctor.




I use Stigma Health clinic,  it takes the hassle out of getting tested.

Simply get your referral form online, print it out, and take it to a pathology clinic.

In a few days, the test results are sent to an app on your phone. Pretty cool, huh?




I believe in fostering an environment where we can talk about such matters openly and honestly. It’s a way of not only taking care of my own health, but also ensuring we both prioritize our well-being.

I live to serve you.




Our health and happiness matter, and I believe in building connections based on trust and understanding.




I like to be able to update you via my blog, on when I’ve had my sexual health tests done, so that you feel safe, and know that you can rest assured that you are safe with me, whatever we get up to.

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