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Looking to book a hotel room during the day?

2 April 2019


Maybe meeting during the day suits you better than in the evening, due to work schedules, the kids being at school, or for whatever reason.



But maybe you can’t seem to find a private place to yourself? Somewhere you can let your hair down, and just relax..


There are there plenty of places on Airbnb, although not a lot allow you to book the place for during the day, without the night, at hours to suit you. Do you want to be able to choose your own check-in and check-out times?



Well now you can! Dayuse.com is a wonderful site (and App) that enables you to find hotels across Australia, which allow guests to book a room during the day -say from 9pm until 2pm; 10am until 4pm; or 9am until 6pm – whatever suits you! 


You can make the most of your day, by booking a room at a time of day that suits you, and in a lot of cases it can be much less expensive than booking it for the night.


With 42 hotels in Melbourne and counting, why not book your next place for a daytime stay using dayuse.com


As well as having flexible accommodation, when booked in advance I can be quite flexible, and can meet at any time of the day. Sounds like a match made in heaven, doesn’t it? 😉 



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