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19 August 2014


I am your male escort in melbourne, and I come to you, wherever you are! Originally born in melbourne, where I spent my first five years of life, I’ve grown up in country victoria. Now I live in Warrnambool, Southwest Victoria, Melbourne CBD, and wherever you are!

My time is divided between the city and the country, and I do travel a lot. I’ve really got used to travelling, to provide the best service I can, to you, wherever you are!

While my car does go through thousands of kilometres, and my MYKI card is being milked almost on a daily basis, I pride myself on being able to come to you, at a time to suit you, and organised as far in advance as we can 🙂

Please don’t feel guilty in having me come visit, as though I am spending a lot of time travelling especially for you, as I do it all the time.. So just feel as though I am coming from just around the corner. I can come to you anywhere in Metropolitan and Suburban Melbourne; as well as the beautiful South-west Victoria. For more information, see my Where and When Page.

Always very discreet of course!

While I love the city, I do like and need to spend time in the peaceful countryside.. Though when I am there I am busy with other work, and so appreciate when I do get time to relax by myself. I have learnt to be able to relax no matter what I’m doing, even when I am working, travelling, or other things. 🙂

It can be a busy world, no matter what we do. That’s why I love to be here for you, so that you are able to take time out from whatever you get up to, and relax and enjoy quality time.

I can also be your Travelling companion, to wherever you would like to go, for a holiday, or business trip.

I also have regular clients who come from other parts of country victoria, and interstate. We meet for our rendezvous in Melbourne – a great way to enjoy the companionship and intimacy that you are looking for, away from home. So wherever you are from, we can organise something 🙂

Take time, to relax 🙂

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