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Live in the moment!

Live in the moment! 


3 January 2015

Life is very precious and yet, at the same time can be somewhat precarious.

Of course, life has its ups and downs, and sometimes we simply can’t see the good times ahead. Other times we become blasé and take things for granted—with no idea what is coming around the proverbial corner.

Many people dwell on the past, on the things they have done or should have done; maybe feeling or realising that they could have done such things in a different way or done them better; maybe thought things through more carefully before making an emotional decision. It’s all so easy to have made mistakes yet, on the other hand, it’s even easier to reflect on things with the benefit of hindsight.

Conversely, there are many people who are always looking ahead, waiting for an event or an anniversary or something they have planned in the future to happen. Wishing that it would come sooner, hoping that time almost speeds up and their goal is reached quicker. This may be something as simple as waiting for a birthday, a study course to complete or, longer term, such as their children growing up. This looking forward to things too much approach can speed up our sense of time, and make us have less time to enjoy.

My philosophy is to find a balance between focussing on the past and looking to the future. Yet, to some extent I believe that you have to live for today—don’t dwell too much on what has gone before—no-one, no-way can change the past. Sure, learn from your experiences, and try not to repeat any mistakes but, hopefully, all of things you have done before should have made you a better, more knowledgeable person.

I also believe you shouldn’t spend your life dreaming of the future. Make a plan by all means and try to follow it—yet life has an uncanny way of throwing up unexpected opportunities or, alternatively, “roadblocks” to the best laid plans. Although sometimes it may not seem like it but time can seem to flash by so quickly and, like most of us, when I sit down and reflect on certain things which have happened to me during my life’s journey, I find myself thinking, “Was that really 2/3/4 years ago? It felt like just a while ago, but that much time has passed?”

In fact, often when I do take time to sit down and reflect, I realise how lucky I am to have met so many wonderful people, who are all so different and unique in their own way… As we all are! People with plans and dreams for the future; and of course people who have had unpleasant past experiences but are now on the road to recovery and a new part of their life.

Every moment is precious, and while life can often be unfair, and cruel, it can also be wonderful, and amazing. We are lucky to be here in this beautiful world, and so should appreciate every day.

Wherever in life you have come from, and wherever you may be going, the time to live is now. Life is what is happening now, all the time. And we should do our best to live in the moment, and enjoy it as much as we can.


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