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“… Leo… I Love You…”

“… Leo… I Love You…”


16 March 2016
Being a male escort is not easy.. And definitely one of the hardest things is when a client falls in love with me.. Or thinks they’ve fallen in love with me.
I am professional in my work, and I am genuine in portraying my personality.. I love to please, I love to help others, I am very kind, friendly, and maybe unfortunately, in some cases, very easy to love.
Over the years I have had quite a few women develop feelings for me.. And one might even think ‘hey, that’s good for business then?’ Well actually, no it’s not! My business is to be a massage therapist, escort, companion, sexual therapist, someone to talk to about personal things, and someone to share fun times and intimacy with. Many different things, but I am definitely not charging money for love!
And I don’t like having clients develop feelings for me that may make me become more of a negative influence in their life than a positive influence!
I have a duty of care to my clients. People trust me enough to let me into their personal space, to be intimate, to share things about their life with me. I have a duty of care to make sure clients are kept safe, and are not at risk of becoming emotionally attached.
I see many clients, and over the years I would have come across as many different personality types as a full-time psychologist.
A few months ago, I have made my service, incredibly, even more professional, in a number of ways. As well as increased fees, and other measures, one of these ways is to only allow bookings with a client once per month at the most.
Here’s something that happened, that I learned from. I made the mistake, over a year ago, of letting one client book me often more than once per month, and this continued for a year.. (Usually I don’t allow bookings of more than once per month, due to the risk of some clients falling in love with me.. But she assured me she knew what she was doing) Along the way she assured me that she wasn’t falling in love with me, and that she understood that she was a client, and I was her escort. Then I realised she was actually in love with me, and had to cancel seeing her.. And she actually asked for all her money back, saying that she wasn’t satisfied.. Because she thought we were in a relationship! That she knew she had to pay me each time she saw me, but that we were in a relationship, and that she was not a client.. Wuh?! She had told me all along that she understood the situation.. I didn’t know that she would become delusional.. I told her I’m sorry she felt that way, but of course my money-back policy only applies to a single booking, and I don’t have any unsatisfied clients..
Then she went and told some of her friends, and others, about her story, and how she was heartbroken and everything, and now often I’ll get upset texts and emails saying how she thinks I’m a ‘thief’ for charging money for love.. And messaging me saying she loves me and ‘knows’ that we will ‘get back together.’ Wuh?! If only I knew she felt that way, I would have terminated her bookings much earlier! 
What has prompted me to post this blog and share with you, is that now it seems she is messaging a lot of people who have ‘liked’ posts on my facebook page, saying that she is ‘reaching out to them to help them’.. I mean, mate, unbelievable. Messaging random people with her stories of heartache? I mean, what is it with delusional women and facebook stalking??
As well as that, she has become heartbroken and with mixed up feelings, because she loved me so much and can’t deal with the fact that I can’t see her anymore, that she can only deal with it by now hating me.. And she is telling people she knows, and others she doesn’t know, how she thinks I’m a ‘thief’ and that I ‘charge money for love’.. So for anyone who she may have spoken to, I need to set the story straight! 
I feel partly at fault, because I shouldn’t have made that mistake of letting her see me so often, and I should have seen the signs of her falling in love with me sooner, and terminated bookings.
While I don’t usually share stories  like this, and reading it on my blog may sound somewhat unprofessional, I thought it was necessary to show you some of the things I have to deal with, and how it is important that you know that I have to make the responsible decision to terminate bookings if I feel that a client will not benefit in a healthy way from seeing me.. I really don’t like sharing the above story, but I needed to show an example of what can happen if I don’t manage properly which clients I can not see.. Rest assured, I am very confidential and discreet, and would never reveal any personal details of anyone at all, so while I feel sharing the above story is a bit personal for the client involved.. Her identity, or anything about who she is, would never be revealed to anyone!!! If anyone asks me the smallest detail of the above story, I would not share the slightest bit of information.
Thankfully, situations like this rarely arise.. As most of the time if a client develops feelings for me, she tells me.. And then we can say hey, what is best for you, should you stop seeing me, or should you manage your feelings, and continue to enjoy seeing me? If you do develop feelings for me that shouldn’t be there, they will not be reciprocated, so you must decide whether you’re in an emotionally fit place to see me. 
I love to be a positive part of people’s lives.. For however long it is – whether it is a few years, a few months, a few bookings, or even a single booking. When it’s time for you to stop seeing me, I want to encourage you to spread your wings, and move on, a stronger, happier, and brighter person from having seen me!
Some clients will try and worm their way into my personal life.. Big mistake, your bookings will be terminated. One has to understand, that while I am providing a very personal service, and getting to know you intimately.. I have my own personal life, which is not a part of my working life..
One has to respect that boundary between my personal life and my work, and not try to cross it.
If I do see someone falling in love with me, I have to terminate ever seeing them again.. As some women, as you saw from the story above, can become attached, delusional, obsessed… and cause so much stress for themselves..
My job is to provide people with intimacy, someone to talk to, whatever you are looking for.. To provide the intimacy you may be looking for, in a discreet and safe way.. But not to get married and fall in love.. I have to stop seeing anyone who I deem as being not in a healthy emotional state to see me.
I DO NOT  and WOULD NOT take advantage of any woman, and would never see anyone for financial gain if I thought it would be detrimental to their health and well-being!
A woman’s heart is a precious and wonderful thing, not something to ever be played with!
When you are intimate with someone, it can be normal to develop some feelings.. As long as in this situation you realise the context, and put things into perspective here.
A lot of women love seeing me, and love the time they spend with me. That doesn’t mean that they love me. Even if you feel excited to see me, and look forward to it, that’s a good thing, and it’s good to look after yourself, and do things that you enjoy.
But if you find yourself developing feelings for me that you can’t control, please, talk to me about it, and decide whether you can continue seeing me or not.
Because, after all, I want what is best for you!





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