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“Leo, Do you have a secret girlfriend?”

24 March 2019 | Male Escort Melbourne



One question I’m asked occasionally is whether I have a girlfriend, partner, or wife. And the answer is no, I don’t.


I have so much love to give, and while I’ve often been told that I’d make a good boyfriend, or husband maybe.. well I’m just not the marrying type.


While a lot of people are happy in relationships, either married or not, a lot of people are happy being single. When It comes to whether you should be in a relationship or not, there is no one size fits all! Everyone is different, and should embrace who they are. 


Besides, my lifestyle, my work, my profession, makes it impossible to have a girlfriend, even if I wanted one. Well, not impossible, there are quite a few male escorts for women that have a partner; but for the most part it couldn’t be a happy relationship on both sides. 


There are many female escorts who have partners, husbands, and families, which is great, if that’s the way they’d like to live their lives. 


Sex workers are people too, and it’s important to respect that.


It’s also important to respect people’s privacy. A lot of escorts may keep their relationship to themselves, keeping a divide between their personal life, and their professional life. 


Whereas other female escorts may be open with their clients, or some of their clients, with the fact that they have a partner or husband, and their clients don’t mind.


Men, in general, (and I don’t want to generalise too much of course!) are less in touch with their emotions than women.. Not all men of course! I am quite a passionate lover, very sensual, and very in tune with my emotions, and can relate to women and how they think and feel. And I know some men are quite in tune with their emotions as well.


Why I say this, though, is to help you understand this.. 


A male client seeing a female escort, for example, who is open with him about her relationship, might not mind that she is in a relationship. I have female escort friends who say their clients are happy to know that they are in a relationship, and can understand and keep seperate their personal and work lives. Their client continues to book time with them, and everyone is happy.


Whereas a female client seeing a male escort, would be, on the most part, quite uncomfortable to know that their male escort has a girlfriend, someone who could see them all the time, and outside of their work, and share personal things with.


As well as this, the male escort’s girlfriend, in general, wouldn’t be too pleased with being invisible to all of his clients, to only get a part of her lover, while the rest of him is shared.


She would live in a constant state of unhappiness, not knowing where he is, and what he is doing, all the while pretending to be happy for her lover, because she wants to be happy with him and loves him, even though her heart breaks every day.

That would be a bit selfish on the part of the male escort, wouldn’t it?


The Love Doctor is selfless, not selfish, so that’s not something I’d want to do.


A male partner of a female escort may be able to cope more efficiently with his lover being an escort, as while he would still feel jealousy at times, and it would still be hard, it might be a bit easier than it would be for a female having her male partner seeing multiple women, just because of the way men and women think and feel differently. 


This is a generalisation of course, as everyone is different, and it is possible there may be heterosexual male escorts who are in a relationship, and both are happy together. But they would be very few and far between.


While it is important to respect an escort’s privacy, whether they’d like to be open about whether they have a relationship or not – I’m an open book, baby. 


This blog post is to assure you that I am not in a relationship, and never will be.


While some may think this would be a lonely life, in a way it is, but at the same time it’s not. I get to meet some wonderful people, and I have quite a few very close friends (who knows who might be reading this, you may even be one of them!).


I’m like Doctor Who, in a way, if you’re familiar with Doctor Who?


He travels around in his Tardis, through time and space, saving people, helping people, and creating balance and harmony in the Universe.. 


Along his journey, he has many companions, some he is more fond of than others. While Doctor Who can’t settle down for different reasons than I, the concept is a little relatable.


A few years ago I wrote a blog piece entitled “For as long as we both shall live,” about how I will be your male escort and companion for as long as I live.


So you can know that I am always here for you, and there is no chance of me having a relationship, and/or stopping my work.


When I am with you, you have my full attention, and I share myself with you completely, and make you feel like the centre of the universe. 


So to answer the question again, No, I don’t have a secret girlfriend.


Let me be Your secret lover….




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