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27 February 2014

Sometimes a sensual massage can be just what you’re looking for.. And with more than five years experience of providing the most beautiful sensual massages, I’m confident that I will give you the perfect massage. Otherwise I offer a 100% refund! You will definitely be satisfied.

With a diploma in remedial massage, and years of experience, the perfect massage is just a phone call or email away.

I am based in Warrnambool, but travel quite often to Geelong, Melbourne, and south-west Victoria.

I offer sensual massage in Geelong, Melbourne CBD, suburbs of Melbourne, and basically wherever you are

Where am I from? I’m from wherever you are, and wherever you’d like to be 🙂

I come to you, and I love to give you the magic touch that you are looking for.

As well as sensual erotic massage, I offer non-erotic relaxation and remedial massage.

I have some clients who are afraid of intimacy, due to bad experiences in the past; I have some clients who haven’t had sex before; and I have some clients who would like to have a nice full body relaxation massage without intimacy. If this sounds like you, that’s fine, don’t feel shy, I can look after you, and only do what you are comfortable with. I have a loving touch, and I just love to look after people’s needs, desires, wishes, and respect any boundaries.

Whatever your situation, you can talk to me, and feel safe with me.

The sensual massages that I give can be as intimate as you would like, as my relaxed and friendly personality will make you feel quite comfortable, and let you be able to let go of any tension you may have, as well as being able to feel free to share anything that’s on your mind, in total confidence.

If you have never experienced a blissfully sensual massage before, you don’t know what you’re missing out on. I’d love to make you feel wonderful

It’s quite normal if you maybe feel a bit nervous before seeing me, as it is something new, but you will soon be very thankful that you decided to see me.

I look forward to hearing from you



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