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Just a reminder, that I am Very Discreet

Just a reminder, that I am Very Discreet


4 May 2015

Being a professional male escort of more than 6+ years, my service is very discreet. Confidentiality is very important, and of course I understand that. You can rest assured knowing that anything you tell me about yourself, or the very fact that I have visited you, is kept totally private, and what we share is our little secret 🙂

I am a very honest and trustworthy person, and many clients have shared very personal things with me… which no one in the world will ever know. You can trust me to give you a wonderful time, with absolute discretion.

Being very discreet, I expect the same from you. Privacy is very important, and for the sake of my clients, as well as myself, I need to keep my identity a secret.

My name is Leo, I have created that name more than six years ago, and that is my name as your male escort, and always will be. 🙂

However, my other name remains a mystery – I may be Jack, John, George, Bob, or Ethan.

My family don’t know that I am an escort, neither do all except a few of my most closest and trusted friends, or the people in my local community. How do I manage that? Don’t worry, I have it covered 🙂

I am a very private person, as I am a professional in this industry, and privacy is important.

When someone sees me in the street, or in the supermarket, they know me by my other name, and wouldn’t have a clue that I’m Leo, and that’s how I like it, and how it must be.

If you are lucky enough to know more about who I am, I am eternally grateful to you for keeping my identity secret…

Let me be your Secret Lover…. 🙂




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