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In confidence

In confidence


25 September 2014

Confidentiality is one of the key tenets of what I do.

My confidentiality towards my clients, and their confidentiality about me.

Although it is now generally more socially acceptable for many ladies to seek companionship and encounters with someone like me, my strong conviction is that it’s always wise or prudent, and totally important, to keep details of our meetings and our discussions strictly private between the two parties involved.

I have to admit, quite naturally I guess, that I am often intrigued by the reasons why a woman will call me and arrange to meet; I am interested in their motivation. Not for any sinister reason of course, just to learn more about the characters or “demographics”, if I can call it that, of the clients that I have.

I have clients see me for many different reasons… So many different reasons.

Some of my clients are just too busy to spend time looking for “Mr Right” and don’t want to get involved in the “dating game”—and a game it is; a game where an inordinate amount of time can be lost getting to know or pursuing as person only to find out that he is not “the one”.

Or some have been hurt or upset or had bad experiences with previous relationships, or long term partners, and no longer see the need to put themselves into difficult or unpleasant situations.

Another reason is that more and more people are realising that it can be preferable for them to live alone, to do what one wants to do when one wants to do it; with no partner or husband to consult, to get “permission” from; no-one else to ask before doing something. Yet sometimes there is a need for companionship, someone to talk intimately with, to enjoy the mutual touch of…

Whatever their reason(s) for calling me, my clients can all rest assured that our liaisons are only about us; utterly, strictly private, discreet, and confidential.

And that’s how it will always be!


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