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I lost my virginity to an escort

26 May 2020 | Male Escort Melbourne


Do you remember your first time? Was it with someone you cared about, someone you were or are in love with? 


Was your first time memorable…  Or something you’d rather forget?


Or did you lose your virginity to an escort?


The first time I had sex was with an escort. Yes, you read that right.



I was 18 years old, and I’d decided when I was around 16 years old that I wanted to be a male escort. I’d found what I wanted to dedicate my life to, and by the time I was 18 I was ready to do it. 


I’d been into the local video store (yes, I’m ancient enough to remember when there were video stores where you could hire DVDs, and videos!) and hired Deuce Bigalow Male Gigolo, American Gigolo, and Pretty Woman. The guy at the checkout was probably wondering what my deal was, hehe.


I’d planned what I wanted to do, and how to do it.


Except I hadn’t had sex yet! 


But I’d planned that too.. I’d planned that since I wanted to be a professional male escort, and give women a complete sensual experience.. That I wanted my first time to be the best it could be – to learn from the best.


The female escort I lost my virginity to worked for an escort agency, and her working name was Rachel.


It was an enjoyable and very memorable experience. As who really forgets their first time, right?


Rachel was sweet, sensual, seductive.. But at the same time I felt that the experience could have been better somehow.


I decided in that moment, that when I saw clients who were virgins, that I would put every effort in, go over and above, to make it the best first time sexual encounter that it could be. Not just sensual, but intimate. Not just professional, but personal.


In that moment I decided to provide the best possible encounter that I could, and to this day and beyond, I fulfill that commitment.


After losing my virginity, I then had a few casual relationships for a couple years, before becoming The Love Doctor. 


One very meaningful casual relationship I had with a lovely lady, who I still remain friends with to this day, even though we haven’t caught up in person for a couple years, was quite instrumental in my life experience before I started working. When we had sex she commented on how well endowed I was, and how I knew how to use it! And that she felt I was a very lovely, gentle, and kind person, with a beautiful soul. She then said “I think you’d make a great gigolo, or male escort!”


I was surprised to hear her say this, and I actually said something like “That’s funny that you say that, because I’m actually planning to be a male escort, very soon!”


Anyway, enough about me and my early sex life, the point is, it all started out with losing my virginity to a female escort. Which is pretty interesting, right?


I often see clients who are having their first sexual experience, and I love that I am able to make their sexual experience a very memorable and enjoyable one!


I see clients who are losing their virginity at all different ages. From 18-20’s, to in their 30’s, or I’ve even seen a small few clients ‘having their cherry popped’ in their 40s. Everyone is different, and we are all unique in our own way. So there is no right age or wrong age!


I think having your first time with an escort is a great idea! You’re doing it with someone who has a lot of experience, and knows how to make that first time extra special.


Actually it’s surprising how many people do lose their virginity to escorts – It is more common than you might think.


It is a great way to learn about sex, learn about yourself, and have discretion, fun, satisfaction, and safety.


And there are many different reasons that you may have, to want to have your first sexual experience. 


You may just want to do it just because,; so you have done it. You may have been waiting for that special someone, and then have not yet found them. You may feel a bit shy, nervous, perhaps you feel awkward about doing it.


Maybe you’re just feeling that you don’t have the confidence to approach someone, or let them know your feelings, to ‘get out there’.


You may have had a negative experience from men, or unfortunately suffered violence or abuse. In which case I can assure you that in your time with me, you will be completely safe. 


Whatever the reason, I am always here to help.


I will be gentle. Take the lead, but at the same time go with the flow. You are always safe with me, and I want to make your first time as wonderful as it can be.


I want you to look back on your first time, and whether you say just to yourself, or to others you may be comfortable sharing with… I want you to be able to be proud to say “I lost my virginity to an escort.”

“Dear woman who just started having sex: Congratulations! You have begun your journey of discovering a new layer of your existence — an integral part of your identity, and a new way of communicating and connecting with others. Losing the cloak of virginity is only the first step, and perhaps the easiest and the simplest, even though it may not seem like it…. Don’t feel guilty for being sexual. Years of systematic oppression of female sexuality has ingrained guilt and shame in us when it comes to our carnal desires, and we still feel it at some level. Your sexuality doesn’t make you immoral or dirty or whatever else you may associate with it. It makes you a Goddess.”

– Prachi Gangwani, “A Letter To The Woman Who Just Started Having Sex”

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