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Have you been stalked?

12 February 2020 | Male Escort Melbourne

One thing I love about my work is that I get to make a positive difference to people’s lives, and I work tirelessly to make sure that I can be the best I can be. To help others be the best that they can be, and feel great, in every way.


Though as well-intentioned as I am, there is still occasionally (rarely, thank goodness) someone who wants to try to bring me down. Someone who wants to make myself and others feel like shit, just because they can. Well, they think they can. But I’m not going to let them, and you shouldn’t either.


“No one can make you feel inferior without your 


– Eleanor Roosevelt


Facebook and twitter and all the other social media can be good in a lot of ways, but they can also provide a breeding ground for crazy, self-obsessed, narcissistic stalkers. People who just want to emotionally manipulate others, to make people feel bad about themselves, because it makes them feel better about themselves.


It is horrible. It is disgusting. And it’s a very low-life thing to do.


What do I mean by stalking? Well some people might jokingly say “I Facebook stalked you, and saw how you posted (whatever it is)” or “I just like to look on your Facebook and like the things you post,” or something like that. This is not considered stalking; this is called having an interest in something or someone, and just nourishing that interest. It’s fine, and no one gets hurt.


When I talk about Facebook stalking, I mean people who like to message people, with intent to emotionally manipulate and/or hurt them. 


People who like to post on their timeline fake stories, and false information, to emotionally manipulate and/or hurt others.


People who use photos of other people on their timeline, and pretend to be them.


And yes, in real life it’s much worse than Catfish.


People who use every way they can with social media to try and interfere in other people’s lives in a negative way.


I put in place every effort I can to make sure that I don’t have any clients turn crazy-stalkery, and I’d never lead someone to believe there was more than there is, or anything unprofessional.


I would never want to break anyone’s heart. I would never wish anything bad on anybody. 


But sometimes people just persist in causing trouble. Which, actually, only causes themselves stress, and anyone who decides to let themselves be stressed by it. So the joke is on the stalkers.


Quite a few years ago, I had the wanna-be-pimp-queen stalker trying to cause grief in the lives of anyone connected to me on social media. And I had the interfering delusional stalker  trying to ‘ruin my life’ as she herself put it. Two other women years ago who thought that I belonged to them, and could and should be controlled by them – As well as the rumour spreading psychopath male escort who was and is jealous of me, and wishes he could be me.


So I’ve had a bit of crap to deal with, which is very unfair, as I always do my best to do the best by everyone. 


I don’t have any enemies, I don’t hate anyone. I have a heart full of love, and I’m not capable of hate.


I don’t deserve this stalking, and I deserve to be able to have a private life, don’t you think?


I don’t resent anybody, that shit’s not healthy for anyone.


Even the stalkers, I feel sorry for in a way, because they must be fucked up in a lot of ways, to make them consciously decide to try and make other people’s lives hell.


One of the stalkers from way back has yet again, after a long time of silence, decided to cause trouble for people, and has made a Facebook profile of someone pretending to be my girlfriend. 


She used a photo of someone who is not her, and was used completely without the permission of the person in it. Imagine how it would feel to have a photo of yourself shared by a psychotic stalker, pretending it was her. It’s disgusting.


She has shared screenshots of my blog where I explain how I don’t have a girlfriend 


She is a jealous, bitter person, who is narcissistic, and wants to make people suffer. And she Loves to play the victim.


Creating fake profiles and stories, and then friend requesting people and trying to message them. Just trying to get attention, because she craves it. 


Facebook doesn’t mind, (Mark Zuckerberg has even said that privacy is no longer a social norm! And yet we all continue to use Facebook. Go figure?!) and if several people report a fake profile, they may eventually close it down. Within five minutes, the stalker has a new profile set up. And so it goes, until the stalker realises that their stalking business won’t make them happy. While it may provide a short term dopamine hit for them, it doesn’t last.


The best thing that stalkers could do, for themselves and for others, is to just let go whatever negativity they may be holding onto.


And talk to their doctor, talk to someone, about mental health. It is okay to not be okay, and help is at hand, when you are ready to ask for it.


With psychotic stalkers, the best thing to do is to ignore them. And eventually they don’t get the attention they crave, and they go away. Don’t be fooled by their stories of being victims. Don’t even reply to their messages, because that fuels their psychotic, hurtful behaviour.


This blog post isn’t about giving her attention either. This is the last I care to be involved, and you don’t have to be involved either.


I’ve told her that if she has a problem, she should just talk to me about whatever it is, and I’d be more than happy to help sort it out. 


And that if she doesn’t stop her ridiculous behaviour, that I’d be forced to tell her husband about it. And that wouldn’t go down well for her.


I am very discreet, and value your privacy so much. The only way a stalker could find you is if you like something of mine on social media.


If you are contacted by someone with some fake story, please simply block them, and send me a message to let me know.


I believe in Karma and I believe that good will prevail, and people who are bad to others will only have bad things happen to them. So stalker if you are reading this (which I know you are) please, just stop.


No one deserves to be bullied and harassed online. So let’s put a stop to it. 


If you see something fishy, just block them. It’s as easy as that.


“Having resentment is like drinking poison and 

then hoping it will kill your enemies.”

– Nelson Mandela 


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