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Go on, pamper yourself now and then!

Go on, pamper yourself now and then!


26 June 2015

Many of you know me and the way I think.

Amongst other things, I strongly believe in equality for all and that you should never pre-judge anyone you meet. First impressions, of course, count for a lot but, until you really know someone’s story and/or background, or what they might have been through to get to reach this point in their lives, then it’s always best, in my opinion, to be open minded, impartial and non-judgemental.

Some of the people I meet have had tough lives, fraught with difficult times, challenges and strokes of bad luck. Others maybe have had relatively good lives until one day something quite dramatic happened and their cosy, comfortable world turned almost literally upside down. Others have had nothing go wrong in their lives, and would just like some discreet company, intimacy, a massage, and/or mind-blowing sex. 

No matter what type of life you have had, I always feel it’s best to try and make the most of the relatively short time we have on this planet. Time seems to drag by sometimes for many of us, but suddenly ten years or more have passed and we are no longer students or teenagers and are pitched into the real world of getting by, of managing day to day.

From being young and having plenty of time on our hands to becoming adults and, seemingly, forever chasing our shadows: racing to the office, running around the supermarket; dashing around after the children. It’s easy to get tired out and become jaded, it’s easy to overlook that we all need some private time; a time for relaxation and rejuvenation.

I always think females give more than most, especially when they have a young family, although older families (ie teenage children) can be equally as demanding sometimes; many women end up having to give their all for others and there are constant demands on their time from husbands, partners, children, work to be done (both at home and maybe in the office).

So, given my points about life being short and the need to take some time out, I always urge my clients to plan ahead; mark out some time once or twice per week as “your time”. Write this into your diary if you keep one, or enter it into your Outlook calendar if you use your laptop a lot; or just simply jot it down on a notepad which you keep handy, and keep this period free and clear.

Such periods might be simply some retail therapy or a nail manicure; a workout at the gym, an hour with a good book—or you might just as well write: “1-2 hour special massage with Leo”.

Whatever you choose, the underlying point is that you need time for you; a time to chill and pamper yourself—we all do! So what are you waiting for… go and make your plan!











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