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26 July 2014


I apologise to everyone for my website being offline for the past week.. I woke up one morning and was logging in to write a blog entry, and suddenly found my website was offline!

I have had my website www.pleasureforyou.net for more than five years, and this website www.male-escort-melbourne.com for some time, and never had any issues… Until my web host suddenly decided that they no longer allow ‘adult content’ and so my website was shut down – and I’ve spent the past week in a lengthy process of emails back and forth, as well as a few phone calls to the US (I haven’t checked my phone bill yet, as my plan doesn’t include international calls!) and have finally managed to get my website transferred to a new host!

My new website host provides very good support, and so now in my new partnership with them, www.male-escort-melbourne.com is back online, and here to stay! Just like I’m always going to be here for you 🙂

I’m so glad to be back, and able to bring my blog to you – sharing things about me, and what’s on my mind.

Stay tuned for more writings from your male escort Leo 🙂


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