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Emotional intelligence is key to advancing your career as a woman: Here’s how



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When it comes to progress in your career, of course knowledge, skills, and drive are among the most important, but there is another thing that might just be the deciding factor in how you will fare when it comes to your career: emotional intelligence, and this might just be a tad easier for you to inculcate if you’re a woman—I’ll explain in the following sections.



A study indicating women’s stronger emotional intelligence


According to this study by Korn Ferry in 2016 using the Emotional and Social Competency Inventory (ESCI), women outperform men in all emotional intelligence areas but one. All metrics suggest that those with the greatest emotional and social intelligence scores are the most effective leaders in all businesses, as they are able to influence others, effectively handle conflict, and develop their people


Over 55,000 professionals from 90 countries participated in this study, and the data was collected in the span of 5 years: from 2011 to 2015. The study discovered that women utilise emotional and social qualities associated with successful leadership and management more efficiently than men.




Some interesting findings of the study


This study brought forth some key interesting findings of the participants’ assessment in 12 key categories of emotional as well as social intelligence:


      1. The most significant difference between men and women may be found in emotional self-awareness, where women are 86 percent more likely than men to be perceived as consistently employing the skill (18.4 percent of women show the competency in a consistent manner compared to just 9.9 percent of men).


      2. Women are perceived to constantly display more empathy than men by 45 percent.


      3. Positive outlook has the lowest degree of variation. Considering this emotional intelligence skill, women are only 9 percent more likely than men to regularly demonstrate it.


      4. Mentorship and coaching, influence, motivational leadership, conflict resolution, organisational awareness, adaptability, teamwork, and accomplishment orientation are other areas where women outperform men.


      5. The sole competence in which men and women performed equally well was emotional self-control.


Now, don’t you think you have a golden window of opportunity to make the most use of your fair advantage, not only to advance your career but to get into fruitful leadership and management roles?



So, how can women use their emotional intelligence capabilities to improve their leadership skills?


      1. Cultivate your emotional intelligence abilities: while statistics suggest that women excel at acquiring these skills more than men, this of course is not applicable to all women. 


For those that want to improve, focusing on conflict management, influence, accomplishment orientation, and flexibility can prove to be useful in growing not only as a professional but also as a leader. The more you cultivate these abilities, the better off you will be.



      2. Practice self-control: Women’s minds are built to focus on the emotional essence of things and on cultivating the emotional space. Men’s brains are more wired for listening and converting emotions into solutions. Well, perhaps.


While these distinctions are unavoidable, women may look to improve their own self-control by developing skills to help them manage their emotions when necessary and act on their decisions when they are far more capable to do so. Breathing, meditation, walking, and other techniques can definitely help in controlling emotions and fostering more self-control in challenging situations.



The bottom line


You can clearly picture that you as a woman can develop and harness your emotional intelligence and social skills if you want to move ahead in your career and take up eminent management and leadership roles, especially if you are in the corporate world. 


The good news is that emotional intelligence is something that can be built and improved as well with practice and age. There are scores of books, courses, and free online content that you can look at to achieve this. See you on the next blog.

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