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Dominance and submission

Dominance and submission  


18 January 2015

Would you like to be dominated? To have someone control you, while also caring for you and making you feel wonderful! Asserting power, and knowing exactly what to do to make you feel the best you possibly can. Think Christian Grey, from E L James’s ‘Fifty shades of grey’ trilogy. Or Gideon C ross, From Sylvia Day’s ‘Crossfire’ series  (You’ve gotta love Gideon and Eva’s love for each other 🙂 ). 

I love to please, and I love to get to know you, and as soon as our bodies touch, I know exactly what you need.


From my extensive experience and findings with researching relationships, I have often found that most people appear to prefer the “Vanilla” approach to love making. I say “appear” as, sometimes in relationships one partner does not want to tell the other his or her secret preferences or fantasies. Alternatively, sometimes after two people have been in a relationship for a number of years the physical side of the relationship can become mundane; become routine, with the act of love making relegated to being almost a regular “chore”.

Some couples do make attempts to keep their physical relationship fresh and “spicy” but, unfortunately more often than not it’s hard to re-invigorate this part of a partnership when the initial spark has gone… Though of course it can be done. 🙂 

Given the individualistic nature of people, and couples, it’s difficult to not over-generalise. However, many of the women who use my services like a dominant man in the bedroom. They like a man to take the lead, lead the way, and to initiate the love-making; they like a man to make them comfortable and feel that they are the only one; like a man who is gentle, yet strong… someone who knows his way around the female anatomy and knows how to make them feel wonderful in just the right ways.

I think I may be just the man that you’re looking for…


But what about the lady who likes something different? The lady who, maybe likes to lead and dominate proceedings? Who likes to instruct, cajole, or advise her partner, what to do, and when to do it? Maybe likes to be “on top” as it were?

For any lady who prefers something along these lines, I can also do.

Then there is the lady who has a secret fetish or fantasy but has never had the opportunity, or maybe not had the courage, to try things that she’s always been interested in doing with her former partners or lovers. 

Don’t be worried, concerned or inhibited. I am here to please. 🙂


I am non judgemental and open minded—and, as you can imagine, I have been asked or have seen most things—so nothing really fazes or shocks me anymore! Not that it should, of course, as we are all human, with our own likes and dislikes, preferences and choices…

So, whatever, your needs and requirements, I am here to be of service. 🙂

Most women who see me like to be equal in the bedroom. Have me show the way, but let things flow naturally between us.  

And I love to do this, and be just what you’re looking for. Born under the star sign Libra, I am all about Balance and Harmony 🙂 

However, you may have a more submissive side… Whether in general, or if you’d just like to try it… And if that sounds like you, then I am here to be your Alpha male. Your Dominant.


I am well experienced in being a Dominant lover, and I love to please.  Whether you may  want to have me lead the way in (and maybe out of) the bedroom- or if you may sometimes fantasise about being tied-up… Hand-cuffed… Spanked… Controlled… or maybe even Consensual Ravishment…

We use safe-words, so if something is painful or uncomfortable, you let me know, and I will stop immediately. Your ultimate comfort and pleasure, is my ultimate goal.

I am a very passionate lover, and love to make you feel just right.. Whether you’d like to be dominated, or whether the idea doesn’t tickle your fancy at all.

Kinky or Vanilla, Dominant or Equal, make me yours, and feel free to explore…


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