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Do you prefer to pay by card?

Do you prefer to pay by card?


25 September 2016
Cash or card? Everyone has different preferences, and these days a lot of people pay for almost everything with their debit and/or credit cards. Personally I prefer to use cash, and my debit card when I have to. I don’t use credit cards at all. Credit cards can be helpful, of course, if you keep them paid on time, and don’t have to pay much interest. However I think it’s wiser to use your own money when you can.
Most of my payments are in cash, and some prefer to pay in advance via bank deposit. Now, I’m pleased to announce that I can also accept payments from Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Swipe on the day.
I prefer not to talk about payment  too much, as that’s the more ‘technical’ side of things. I just thought I’d let you know that I can now take card payments. So, whichever you find more convenient, let’s get the payment out of the way, and spend time getting to know each other…
Complete Pleasure awaits…


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