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Becoming your own person

Becoming your own person


15 February 2015

Are you really you?

Or are you someone that has been shaped and moulded by the nature of your past relationships? Are you someone that is no longer the same character or personality that you were some years back?

I see so many clients who started out on relationships either when in the bloom of youth, let’s say 18-25, or later in life after, perhaps, their first relationships failed for whatever reason – and who have become what they feel are shadows of their true selves.

Whether this is a result of a domineering boyfriend or husband or just the general challenges of everyday life with a partner, and often children in tow, I’m not sure. 

Sometimes the lady is question has almost “given up” and I tend to see that many women, after the euphoria of the early days of any relationship have gone (and they can sometimes pass quickly, believe it or not…), become withdrawn, uncertain of themselves—almost subservient to the family.

It’s then doubly harder when the relationship ends for the ladies in question to recover their spark, their love of life, their joie-de-vivre or whatever it is that they had in their younger carefree years.

Of course, we all age and no-one is quite the same as they were in their late teens or early twenties, but my point is that in order to be true to yourself, it’s worth taking a few moments to stop, step back and consider: Am I really being true to myself? What do I really want from life? And, importantly, how am I going to achieve it?

Asking yourself at least a couple of the above questions—and, of course, trying to find some answers—is a great help in taking the first few steps in trying to recover emotionally. 

A lot of people have been damaged by their relationships, or other life experiences, and I always encourage them to accept that time is a great healer. Recovery won’t happen overnight and there always things you can do to feel better.

Talk to others in similar situations, maybe people who have similar experiences; try attending some self-help groups; and, maybe a very good option, make an appointment to meet up and talk with me.

I am here to provide whatever support you need; both emotionally and physically. Over the years I have helped put the sparkle back into the eyes of many women, some of whom have become my good friends. 

I’ve always found that the characteristics of many relationships and the reasons for the failure thereof are similar, as are the remedies. 🙂

Remedies such as some good old fashioned care and attention; some good old fashioned hugs, caresses and love… 

Now, don’t you agree that you may need this sort of attention and treatment to find out how to be YOU again?

Or maybe you haven’t experienced any relationship breakups, or hard times, and are in a happy place in your life, and are feeling very much ‘you’ already, and how you would like to be… But just feel that you could do with a little bit extra affection and intimacy from time to time?

Whether you could do with a little more affection, companionship, massage, mind-blowing sex, or anything in between, I’m here for you.

Put yourself first! Let me please YOU 🙂







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