Leo Dale

8 years and counting..

8 years and counting..

April 13 2017
This month marks eight years since I have been your male escort and companion.  In this time I’ve met many wonderful people, from all over Melbourne, Australia, and the world, and helped you to explore sex and intimacy in complete safety, and privacy.

Eight years ago, the thought of a woman paying for the companionship of a man was quite unheard of, and not very common at all. For thousands of years, men have paid women for personal services, just like that, without even having to think about it. It’s been more accepted than the other way around. However in recent years, women in general are becoming more aware that they can have the power to choose who they want to see, what they want to do; and that if they want to feel good, they deserve to!

When I first started my career as a male escort, there were fewer than three well known male escorts in Melbourne (who I can recommend on my Links page, here ), and there was no such thing as a male escort agency in Melbourne. Since then, male escorts and male escort agencies have come and gone, yet your male escort Leo the Love Doctor remains.. And always will..
I am proud to have the opportunity to provide you with comfort, intimacy, and a wonderful time. Whatever it is you’re looking for, from companionship to an activity partner; from a relaxing massage to no-strings-attached mind-blowing sex, I love to please, and look forward to making you feel great within yourself!

I look forward to making you feel more confident, more sexy, and more beautiful than you have ever felt before.
I provide companionship, and can be anything and everything you need: A Massage Therapist, Sexual Therapist, Escort, Lifestyle Coach, Companion, Secret Lover, Alpha Male, Love Doctor, Porn Star.. Anything! I love to make you feel wonderful, and happy.. You could think of me as a Happiness Consultant 😉

I have years of experience, and many satisfied clients, and am one of a very small number of professional male escorts. I’d love to make you feel wonderful. I’d love to make YOU feel special. And I’ll always be here…
I look forward to meeting you.










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