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Let’s meet for coffee

Let’s meet for coffee 


30 August 2018

Catching up over a nice hot cup of coffee, or tea – a very enjoyable way to spend some time. To relax, enjoy, and to get to know someone.

Booking a male companion for the first time can seem a bit overwhelming, intimidating. It is something you haven’t done before, and you might feel nervous; scared, even.

What if you don’t feel comfortable? What if you don’t feel up to doing all the things you imagined doing? What if you don’t feel comfortable together? What if you don’t ‘click’?

You can rest assured, that I will have you feeling completely comfortable and at ease in no time, and you will be very happy with your decision.

But how to do that ‘first date’ – what if you aren’t sure about inviting me to your home, or hotel room, when we haven’t yet met? Maybe you would rather like to meet somewhere public, for coffee perhaps, to see if you are meeting the right person.

Well, now you can. I’m pleased to announce that I have added a new addition to the ‘menu,’ and now can be available to organise a coffee date, to get to know each other. At the very low cost of $150 for one hour, it gives you the chance to meet me, and for us to both get to know each other, before organising a more intimate encounter.

We can meet at a cafe, at a park, or in your home. Wherever you would like, I am more than happy to join you.

I look forward to the pleasure of meeting you.

Alternatively, you may already see me once a month, once every few months, or every now and then – but would still like the idea of catching up for a coffee from time to time. Well why not? Let’s meet for coffee.


*As I am a very busy man, this option is subject to limited availability, and in some cases may include additional travel charges. 


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