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4 steps to develop body positive confidence

Male Escort Melbourne – 12 December 2021

The situation right now


We live in a digital age of smartphones, where everyone has access to social media like Instagram where they come across a million ‘aspirational’ accounts everyday. These accounts post ‘perfect’ touched up photos and media, reinforcing a long-standing, though toxic societal belief that people of an ideal shape, size, height, and appearance are beautiful.



If you really think about it, doesn’t it feel shocking? A student at St Kilda is struggling with low self esteem because her arms are just too ‘fat’ while all other girls her age are skinny. She’s made to stress on a superficial body feature rather than how she really is as a person on the inside, something that actually matters in the long run. 




A woman in her late thirties in Sydney is ordering too many skin lotions and creams because she wants to hide her ‘ugly wrinkles’ and desires to keep looking youthful. And no, this isn’t just limited to women. We expect men to look a certain way as well. Tall, slim (preferably with abs), and muscular men are considered ideal at this age in the world’s eyes. Unlike how the saying goes, society does teach us to judge a book by its cover.


When all’s said and done, what steps can you take for positive body affirmations in a time when you’re surrounded with propaganda? Here’s what I think are the best 4 to start with.



4 tips to practice body positivity



  1. You think the media is body positive? Think again


Well, it’s true that popular brands and companies are becoming all inclusive and doing their bid in showing the world they support body positivity. But some things are better taken with a grain of salt. Turns out many brands are even setting standards for plus size. Skinny models are made to wear padding inside their clothes at certain places to make them look ‘curvy’ in a specific way. Is this body positivity in a real sense? 


Do some research on your own and truly understand how you can be body positive in a healthy way.



   2. Birds of a feather flock together


Find your tribe. Go and look for people among your friends, family, and even online who are open-minded and practice or understand body positivity. We all need a support system in our lives that lifts us up when we feel down. It’s essential to build that confidence.




   3. You come first


Prioritize you. Pay attention to what you and your body need. Eat healthy not because you want to shed those ‘extra pounds’ or cellulite, but because it’s essential for your well-being. Crave a donut? Tell your body it’s okay to treat yourself once a while without worrying about your weight or body all the time. Don’t get me wrong, of course excess in anything is bad. But that doesn’t mean you forget to ‘live’ your life in the pursuit of perfection. News alert – perfection doesn’t exist.




   4. Squash that negative self-talk!


Remember that little voice in your head that just doesn’t stop mumbling something negative or self-critical whenever you do something different or try something new? You hear yourself saying “you’re looking too fat in this dress!”, “you’re ugly”, “your legs are too thick, better hide them”, and God knows what else. Just stop it! That’s it, stop! Just ask yourself, would you treat a close friend like this? No, right? Then why do you treat yourself this awful way? There’s seriously no reason to do this. 




A word from the love doctor



I know it’s easier said than done, but try taking baby steps towards body positivity. Practice daily positive affirmations, surround yourself with people who truly care about you, and don’t listen to that evil self-talk that just doesn’t seem to go away. And then make it go away.


Be comfortable in your own skin and confident in your body. Then see the magic happen!

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