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What are we doing to our world?

13 December 2018


It seems to me that we, the human race, simply never learn. Time after time, generation after generation, we make the same mistakes.


For a so-called intelligent species, we can never seem to truly resolve the issues which continually confront the world—[or maybe it is that we don’t really want to?]. We can be easily deceived, led along or persuaded that what others are telling us is true—[more so nowadays it seems in the era of what some call so-called “fake news” hitting the airwaves repeatedly].


The pursuit of money and wealth overrides almost all other concerns and parts of our planet are being lost forever as a result of greed and lack of foresight.


We continually have wars, both between external parties or internal country conflicts [root causes: religion, territorial disputes or different ideologies]; famine [over-population in areas, and inadequate means to improve food production]; political jockeying [pandering to the needs of a few not the people supposedly being represented] and a class system of haves and have-nots which should have been confined to the annals of history long ago.


These few points are interlinked [and there are plenty more points which can be added to this list] but the big question is what can be done about it all?


How to stop the strife, the arms race, the depletion of the earth’s finite resources? How can we really have peace and harmony in the world? How can the poor really be taken care of and not be taken advantage by the rich and the elites?


No easy answers I am afraid, especially when you think that we even have disagreements and fighting within family units; we even have disputes between friends and neighbours, or different regions in the same country don’t like each other—so how can we expect people from different countries to all get along.


Yet, having talked about all the gloom and doom facing the world, every little bit of effort to change things helps; every time you show tolerance and understanding to your family members or neighbours or co-workers helps. Every time we think things through and try to make a balanced assessment of the situation we are facing [without resorting to shouting, arguing or simply closing our minds off and refusing to accept another person’s point of view or reasons for doing something] all helps.


Try to  do everything you can to help the environment, every little thing you do helps. I am passionate about environmental sustainability, and have only renewable energy at home. Completely off-grid, any home or business can produce enough energy on-site to do what they need to do, with enough dedication. And large energy providers will eventually move more to renewable energy. And this is just one area of environmental impact.

We have to realise that we are all a part of this beautiful world, and that everything affects everything else.


The main thing the world needs, as a whole, is love. On a personal level, when we radiate and give love, we make the lives of those around us better, and also make our own lives better.


The effect of love, on a global scale, can be amazing. The more we love each other, and love our world, the more we will bring about peace, happiness, and a caring atmosphere, where everyone helps to look after one another, and look after our planet.


In short, don’t be immediately judgemental; clearly understand all there is to know about situations before you comment on them and, I guess, most importantly in today’s epidemic of “fake news” environment don’t believe at face value everything you hear or read—it may be counter-productive! 


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