2022 Fireman Calendar is now available

29 November 2021 – Male Escort Melbourne The 2022 Love Doctor Fireman Calendar is now available. Each year I make a Love Doctor Fireman Calendar, and some money from each sale goes to the CFA (Country Firefighting Authority). This year it is $5 from every calendar sale. The cost is $25 – $5 of which […]

The 2021 Love Doctor Fireman Calendar is now available

13 November 2020 – Male Escort Melbourne The 2021 Love Doctor Fireman Calendar is now available! Each year, I love to make a Fireman Calendar – With a different dog on each month of the calendar. It’s just my thing that I do. And, I like to donate $5 from each calendar sold to the […]

Your calendar donations

8 May 2020 | Male Escort Melbourne I’d like to say a big Thankyou, to everyone who purchased a Love Doctor 2020 Fireman Calendar.    The reason I say Thankyou is because $5 of every sale goes to the CFA (Country Fire Authority). These men and women who volunteer, putting their own lives on the line to […]

Fireman Calendar 2020

13 November 2019 | Male Escort Melbourne   After a long wait, the Love Doctor Fireman Calendar for 2020 has now arrived.     I am delighted to produce a Fireman Calendar each year. This is the second year, and I am going to be making one each year.   With a different dog featured […]

Male Escort Melbourne Love Doctor Fireman Calendar 2019

3 December 2018   As December begins, and the Christmas and holiday season is almost upon us, I thought to remind you that the Love Doctor Fireman Calendar for 2019 is available now.   Click here to order on eBay, or click here to contact me, and arrange payment via bank deposit.   Masculine. Hunky. Charming. Alpha […]

2019 Wall Calendar available now

7 ways a woman can manage her finances better

Male Escort Melbourne – 24 March, 2022 Did you know? Recent studies indicate that the difference in superannuation savings between men and women in Australia is significant. Women have much less money set up for retirement than men: 50 percent women in the age group of 45 to 59 had less than $8,000 in their […]

Latest Photos

Latest Photos Male Escort Melbourne – 16 October 2021 It’s been waaaaaayy too long since the last photo shoot – I’ve just been busy, and then with all the lockdowns, have had to book and rebook photographers, and plans change. Anyway, I finally got some photos done along the way, and I’ve also added a […]

Covid Fully Vaccinated

Male Escort Melbourne – 8 July 2021 – Covid Fully Vaccinated I have been fully vaccinated (well, as much as we can be) from covid-19, with the Pfizer vaccine. Well… what to say. It’s been a big and crazy year last year, and this year as well. Along with all of our brothers and sisters, […]

To avoid disappointment, let’s organise our date in advance

7 December 2020 – Male Escort Melbourne To avoid disappointment, let’s organise our date in advance.   I love being able to provide companionship, and a service that is second to none. I have many satisfied clients, and I feel honoured to be able to make you feel wonderful!   As a result of being […]